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GM Duramax Oil Nozzle Check Valve Bolt (2001-2016) (0) Reviews: Write first review. The common rail injection system used in the LB7 Duramax engine allowed General Motors to double the power output of their new diesel engine and fuel economy nearly doubled. 6L engines 01-16 (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, & LML). without a doubt, the diesel in the engine caused the problem. Heavier oil and Lucas oil slowed down the blow by smell and smoke, but it only last a week then fumes again. I own a shop and 2 Duramax trucks. The engine has the mid mount breather on the side of the block, I'm just wondering if that is the problem and I should Install a 6nz valve cover with the built in breather. Later a quart of oil on ground ,nothing when at idle ,just after running at hwy speed about 20 mins. If your truck is bone stock and you just use it for daily commuting and occasionally tow a small trailer, you will probably be safe with stock head bolts. The LB7's have a hose from the tee between the valve covers to the alternator bracket, which has a cavity in it, the drain to the oil pan has a PCV screwed into it and a hose going to the block. 7. Every factory and factory replacement Duramax filter will have this bypass valve. The LB7 introduced in 2001 and continued until mid-2004. com Duramax LB7 White Smoke Diagnostics Posted to Technical Theory Forum on 11/6/2011 23 Replies Recently in the Heavy Duty/Fleet forum there has been discussion about white exhaust smoke on these engines at idle. I just replaced the turbo, through it may fix the problem because there was oil in the intake side of the turbo , so now I am guessing a cracked piston or a blowing injector cup. If you have an LB7 and are considering a replacement LB7 turbo, you want the best! It has to be a turbo that is going to be reliable and meet your demands for performance. 6L Duramax with the AFE 46-70330 Street Series Deep Engine Oil Pan. 96. One week only blowout special on Chevrolet and GMC Trucks with a 6. My 2003 Chev 2500 Duramax is blowing geyish smoke. Exposure to extreme pressure, heat, and contaminants such as exhaust soot and diesel fuel degrade its chemical and mechanical properties, necessitating frequent oil changes. diesel is just #2 fuel oil. As John said a little oil around the end of the LB7 vent tube is normal. A very common problem was injector failure. LB7 motors are known for injectors thats why they extended the warranty on them but I cant remember how long it was extended it may be to 100,000 miles. Unable to display Facebook posts. The LB7 featured a 32-valve design with high-pressure common-rail direct injection. 6L Duramax Diesel Engine LB7. 6L Duramax LB7 Best place to buy Turbos for 2003 Chevy 6. I took it to the dealer they didn't know anything the Rep came by didn't know anything. 6l v8 diesel cooling pump & related parts. The LB7 Duramax diesel fuel system was the first time we saw Bosch common-rail, high-pressure diesel injection in a North American product. Checkout Duramax Diesel Interior Modifications - Custom Audio / Video All custom mods on the interior of your Chevy / GM Duramax. 01+ GM 6. 6L Duramax engine oil change kit. . 66. Details: The LB7 trucks have had many injector problems, to the point where GM increased their warranty to 7 year/200k miles. 6L Duramax diesel engine & associated components. Dieselogic has a great selection of the injector Lbz Duramax Engine. Select Options. 6. Parts catalogs. GM recognized this issue and actually had to extend the warranty to 7-years/200k miles. 3L Powerstroke; 03-07 6. ft. 6L LBZ Duramax; 07. LB7 Ultimate Bosch Injector Replacement Package. 6 Duramax: Performance Specs. 6L LB7 Duramax - Engine Parts - Oil System -New Oil Pan with Bung for Turbo Drain -Powder Coated Semi Gloss Black Duramax 6. Diesel Injector Driver Module (IDM) or Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) is manufactured and tested to the strictest OE standards for unparalleled performance. I have a 2002 GMC 3500 4x4 dually with the Duramax diesel engine. 5-05 6. Engine related discussion ONLY. Getting the oil change done at a dealership or a shop will run $100 at a minimum. 9L Cummins Fleetguard FS19856 Fuel Filter $14. The engine incorporated the Bosch common rail fuel system, which was composed of the high-pressure fuel pump, high-pressure fuel rail, hard lines, injectors and electronic control module. Replacement prevents loss of oil pressure and engine damage; Construction features nickel coating to prevent corrosion The turbocharger is a very important component inside the 2002 Chevrolet 6. Injectors need replaced, sometimes you wont see fuel in the oil. 6 Duramax Lb7 Lly Lbz Lmm GM 6. facility we are able to bring to the market a full line of turbo system components and other related truck components that are above and beyond anything else on the market. This should be replaced. 6 Duramax engines up to this point. 95 $ 89. Bought it in September and has 4200 on it now. This is a known problem with the LB7 and GM extended the warranty on these injectors to 7 yrs/200,000 miles. I started having problems at around 96,000 miles and after a couple of trips to the dealer and trying a couple of different additives they finally relented and replaced all 8 injectors at about 123,000 miles. 10. 6L LB7 Chevy GMC Duramax Diesel Parts Sold Here DTPD Diesel Truck Parts Direct free shipping on orders over $150! shop now for banks power products and many more! Diesel Fuel Injector Cap / Block-Off Tool Set for 6. 6L GM Duramax Turbo Oil Drain Line. Re: Duramax LB7 Smokes at idle. Description. Crankshaft Front Seal Installer for the 6. 0L I-6 Duramax Diesel 6/24/2019 The 2020 Silverado and Sierra 1500 has multiple all new powertrains offered, with 5 different engines to choose from there is a good option for Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7) Discuss the first generation (2001-2004 LB7) of the 6. 6L LML Duramax; 16-UP Canyon - Colorado; 17-UP 6. 5-2005 GM 6. 1 quarts Cooling System, AT Initial Fill. 2001 - 2004 LB7 Duramax Technical Discussion. With the LB7 being the first design, the integrity of the engine was great; the biggest problem was the fuel system. Wagler Competition Billet Duramax Water Pump $ 850. 6L LB7 Duramax Injector Installation Tips Read Before Installing This Injector Perform a fuel system inspection prior to installation of replacement injectors. In every possible way, the Duramax was superior to the outdated Detroit and marked a revolutionary turning point for GMC and Chevrolet pickups in the diesel marketplace. 5L were swapped out for a common rail injection system. 5-10 6. May 12 2014, 9:54pm Hey y`ll, Ive got a 2002 silverado crew cab 2500 hd,and it just dumped a lot of fuel into the pan. Duramax Diesel Oil Selection & Oil Change Procedures Engine oil is exposed to extreme conditions, being used as both a lubricant and coolant inside the engine. Engine asm-6. 2001-2010 LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax Twin Turbo Oil Line Kit (S500) (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Parker stainless braided drain and feed Lines, Fittings for turbo, oil pan and engine block. The small passages inside many diesel oil coolers can easily become clogged with particulates or scale in your coolant. I ran Delvac 1 for about 8K miles, samples taken every 100 hrs. 6L 2001 - 2004 LB7 / 904-116 Turbo Oil Supply Line For 01-04 6. Fits 2001-2004 Chevy/GMC LB7 Duramax Diesel. 6L LML Duramax; 15. Wall thickness is 0. Usually Ships in 24 Hours. We recommend these studs for motors under 800hp to prevent blowing a head gasket. these have had many injector failures ,the 6. Idle the engine for 1 minute. 6 Duramax Engine. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? lb7 fuel leak into oil pan. ARP 12mm 625 Material Head Studs #230-4202 150 lb ft. This contaminates the engine oil with carbon residue as well as makes your automobile's innards filthy. Lifetime Warranty. Our Chevy Duramax Diesel Lb7 can create a historical feel and dramatic effect. The Duramax is a General Motors diesel v8 engine. The LBZ/LMM 3" Y-Bridge Kit is an upgraded high flow intake kit for the 2006-2010 Duramax. It's common, particularly on 2001-to-2007 LB7 models, for the filter housing before the filter to develop cracks and leaks in the O-ring, allowing air to enter the system. New, Used and OEM Automotive Parts - Large Inventory - Great Prices Acdelco Engine Oil Filter 6. 6L Duramax. Truck started blowing out oil considerably on interstate. THIS TRUCK HAS BEEN SERVICED AS DIRECTED SINCE NEW. 6 Duramax: LB7. Duramax 6600 - TheDieselPage. Lb7 Duramax Engine Right here, we have countless book lb7 duramax engine and collections to check out. 6L Duramax Injector Sleeve Sale! $ 28. A problem with the fuel injectors could cause the service engine soon (SES) light illumination, low power, hard start and/or fuel in crankcase. When the injectors were changed they did a compression test and #2 cylinder was at 330 vs 400 psi on all other cylinders. 5L Detroit diesel. free shipping on orders over $150! duramax lb7-crate-engine long block Customers Also Bought. PPE Oil Warranty. SoCal Diesel LB7 Billet Injector Clamps 55 lb ft. Tips on performance, fuel economy, troubleshooting and more. One goes in the Allen hole and one for the nut itself. I put to much oil in my 2012 vw turbo but had some removed, the oil pressure rose to 220 . Spare parts catalog Chevrolet EPC Online. 19 Add To Cart The common rail injection system used in the LB7 Duramax engine allowed General Motors to double the power output of their new diesel engine and fuel economy nearly doubled. . Do not allow the system to build up pressure. An easy way to test the oil cooler is to remove the oil filter and pressure test the cooling system. Need Advice, 03 lb7 blowing out tons of oil from blow by tube & tocking noise at idle My 03 lb7 has 188k on engine. The Duramax V8 holds 10 quarts of oil. Regional Events and Rally's. Icp sensora ceramic disc its a poppet valve as shown in the diagram above A common cylinder pressure sensor 6. Maintenance Costs. The Turbocharger Oil Return Tube connects the turbo oil passage to the vehicle’s engine. The issue I'm having is its blowing a little bit of oil out the breather if it gets worked hard. 00 $ 24. Display Oil Pressure for LB7 and HSP Diesel is your #1 performance parts and custom fabrication facility located in Romeo, MI. 5 LB7 Forums. Custom Stereo Mods, Alarms, Electronics, Upholstery, etc. The factory diesel oil cooler on your Cummins, Powerstroke or Duramax diesel is often a weak point in your cooling system. Constructed from a durable cast aluminum, this deep pan holds approximately 2 quarts over the factory pan and incorporates a magnetic drain plug to capture loose particles for maximum engine protection. It really depends on what you are doing with the truck. 6L Duramax is the most recent and most powerful. We have stock and Stage 1 high-performance 2001 - 2004 Duramax LB7 injectors for the 6. In Stock | Item Number: 99-1042 | Manufacturer: Aftermarket | Manufacturer Part No: J-44645. Chevrolet AVALANCHE 1500 2WD. 3072 North 750 East Layton, UT 84041 801-927-4600. The Duramax has a multi-layer steel head gasket. 6L Duramax LB7 allows you to get more performance out of your electronically controlled engine. Start the engine. 00. HSP Diesel is your #1 performance parts and custom fabrication facility located in Romeo, MI. My 03 lb7 has 188k on engine. New Original Equipment Product by Bosch; Direct Fit, Ready to Install; Also Known as MPROP or Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) Mounts Toggle navigation 989-479-0444 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST Fuel & Oil Additives; Air, Fuel, Oil, Coolant Filters & Accessories; Gasket Sets, Head Studs & Bolt Kits; Glow Plugs & Controllers; Oil Pumps, Coolers & Components; Injection Pumps and Accessories; Injectors & Accessories; Performance Products & Programmers; PMD Cooler Kits & Diesel FSD; Drivetrain & Transmission Components; Turbochargers Fuel & Oil Additives; Air, Fuel, Oil, Coolant Filters & Accessories; Gasket Sets, Head Studs & Bolt Kits; Glow Plugs & Controllers; Oil Pumps, Coolers & Components; Injection Pumps and Accessories; Injectors & Accessories; Performance Products & Programmers; PMD Cooler Kits & Diesel FSD; Drivetrain & Transmission Components; Turbochargers Our Chevy Duramax Diesel Lb7 are designed to instill a sense of elegance and awe. Duramax 6. Need Advice, 03 lb7 blowing out tons of oil from blow by tube & tocking noise at idle. This drives me nuts, there is If you have a layer of oil in your coolant bottle, carefully check the engine oil cooler for issues. Smoke comes from under the hood at red lights and the fumes are bad. If the piston rings are worn out, they will need to be replaced. 6L Duramax LLY Diesel. However, a bad injector or leaking return line an cause the crankcase to fill with fuel. 20. Injectors are bad, but wasnt bad enough for warranty a month ago. 00 6. 6L Duramax LB7 turbocharger, however, there are some things you must know. shoot we used to use kerosene (#1 fuel oil) to clean greasy/oily parts. Try bleeding the out of the system this way first. DURAMAX DIESEL ENGINE OIL COOLER LMM LBZ LLY LB7 NEW GM # 19210615#7 on Diagram Only-Genuine OE Factory Original Item SELLER & PAYMENT INFORMATION Seller name : gmwarehouseparts See our other listings CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have questions about the product or your order please contact us via eBay Messages for assistance. [img]smile. That year also brought the Allison 1000, arguably the first automatic transmission in its class worthy of being mated to a powerful diesel. 00; Like WCP on Facebook. They took the cross arm off to pull the lower oil pan off, then removed the transmission and fly wheel to get to the upper oil pan and adjusted the oilers. 6L LB7 Duramax engine. 6-Liter LB7 Duramax Engine. anyone ever heard of a diesel spinning a bearing at 100,000 when proper maintenance was applied. LB7 & LLY DURAMAX – Oil Pressure. 6 quarts 26 thoughts on “ What Causes a Turbo To Blow, Leak, or Burn Oil? Find Out HERE! ” Dr. Blown Black Performance Difference ; We're the Experts Ask us anything. Yes, you can do most of the maintenance yourself: oil changes, fuel filter changes, air filter, tire rotations, etc. Due to corrosion of the original tube, Dorman’s Turbocharger Oil Return Tube is constructed of durable material for corrosion resistance. The LB7 Duramax Engines were replacing the old 6. Loosely install the surge tank cap. The last set of injectors was 86k miles ago. An injector issue can also manifest itself in the truck “making oil”, meaning the oil level raises over the life of . 4L Powerstroke, 6. Complete set of LB7 injectors (with seals and glow plugs) available here. 100”, 0. 01-04. It took the dealership there 4 days to order in the replacement pipe assembly shipped to them and about 90 minutes to do the repair. The Duramax has long been susceptible to fuel starvation failures because the engine doesn't use a lift pump to feed the primary pressure pump. 1-2 week lead time* Looking for the absolute best replacement injector for your LB7 Duramax? 6. Sometimes they will still test good on a compression test. Complete With New Gaskets & Hardware. 00-07 Dodge 5. The engine still has never used a drop of oil, Delo 400 dino. 450”ID. 6-liter LB7 Duramax Engine is produced by DMAX, a joint venture between GM and Isuzu in Moraine, Ohio. $263. 6L Duramax, 5. When they have issues, they do not typically smoke out the exhaust or get coolant into the cylinders. If rust, contamination or metal particles are found the fuel system must be cleaned including the tank, filter housing, supply lines and the high-pressure system. 6 duramax lb7 turbo diesel? Follow . 6L Free Shipping. GM now warranties these issues but it will always stick with the LB7 name. 6L GM 2004. The LB7 Duramax was first introduced for the 2001 model year in the Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra HD, GMC TopKick (medium duty) and Chevrolet Kodiak (medium duty) trucks. Excessive Crankcase Pressure or Excessive White Smoke When Removing Oil Fill Cap. Part #’s GM – 97303751 / Bosch – 0 281 011 134. $226. The LB7 Duramax was first introduced for the 2001 model year as General Motors retired its 6. 6L Chevy/GMC LB7 Duramax Diesel The Duramax family (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML) can suffer from the crankshaft breaking just behind the snout back to the #3 rod journal, on everything from mildly modified daily drivers to full blown competition engines with internally balanced aftermarket billet cranks. 625 (5/8”) OD, 0. John ,with any engine you have oil and water galleries that pass through the head gasket from the block to the heads and also drain oil back to the sump from the heads so if you blow a head gasket or crack a head near those galleries pressurised oil (eg crank case pressure) gets forced into the water galleries and visa-versa water into oil (check oil if milky or if very milky on oil filler cap Audible ticking on LB7 duramax Fill it will Rotella T6 then head on down to the local pub and wait for it all to blow over. cab lb7 duramax 5 speed allison transmission, it has 114000 miles on it. 6 answers 6. 97192667 Gasket - Oil Cooler To Rear Cover, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML LGH L5P, 2001-2018 Duramax Molded Rubber Gasket betwen oil cooler elbow and rear cover $5. Oil Cooler. Like said im sure there is a TSB about this issue, heres one #04-06-04-001C. 13. 6 Diesel Common Issues and Problems If you have a 2001-2004 Duramax 6. The 6. I'd read that in forums, but could not find any information on how/why/where it was actually leaking. LB7. We additionally provide variant types and in addition to type of the books to browse. Whether you are looking to tow or race, we have what you need to make your truck perform. 6L Duramax diesel engines is for OEM part # J-44645. 6L LB7 Duramax; 04. com is the premier Duramax Diesel Forum on the internet. - Chevrolet 2003 Silverado 2500HD question Bent rods will cause white smoke and raw fuel blowing out of the exhaust. DURAMAX DIESEL ENGINE Oil Cooler Lmm Lbz Lly Lb7 New Gm # 19210615 - $333. This can result in oil-fuel blowing out the vent tube and coating the underside of the truck. 3 quarts Cooling System, MT Initial Fill. Duramax LB7 Specs & Info. 6L Duramax LB7 engine. Working out of our 12,000 sq. You want something that is cutting edge, proven to work and a turbo that you can still drive or tow with everyday. 3L Powerstroke; 99-03 7. Just fixed this same problem on an LMM that got some bad fuel and filled the crankcase up with diesel. Common Issues and Problems We See In The Shop With The LB7 6. ScanGauge > Support Center > X-Gauge Commands > LB7 & LLY DURAMAX – Oil Pressure. Home / Shop / Chevy/GMC Duramax / 6. 6L LMM Duramax; 11-15 6. It darn near doubled the amount of oil in 10,000 miles. 01-04 Chevy 6. 27. Mon-Thur 8:00-5:30 Fri 8:00-4:30 MST Closed Sat-Sun and all major holidays. SoCal Diesel 14mm Head Stud Kit 190 lb ft. 01-04 LB7 is a 1 04. Oil has been checked,after first time ,topped off back to full ,drove again about 10 miles shut off ten min. Checked oil, no sign of water and the oil was recently changed. 6L Duramax LB7 June 30, 2019 GM Duramax LB7 CP3 Fuel Pressure Regulator MPROP. MAHLE Clevite Oil Pump, Chevy/GMC (2001-07) 6. Known for fuel injectors leaking into the oil supply; see TSB #04039B. 6L LB7 Duramax Diesel Injector Installation Kit $200. Report Abuse. 12651877. This special price is available this week ONLY! This kit include a WIX oil filter and 3 gallons of Gulf Super Duty Synthetic HD 5w40 oil. With my 03 LB7, the engine now has almost 30K on it. 6L Duramax Valve Cover Gasket Install Kit Sale! $ 55. 6L Duramax Diesel engine , on this vehicle [RPO LB7- VIN Code 1) engine. RHG6 Turbocharger For 00-04 6. 5-2010. 94-97 7. 6L Duramax, these diesel performance injectors are a great solution to upgrade your power at a great price. Whether you’re maxing out your tow capacity or daily driving your Duramax, Mishimoto's performance products offer the dependability that every driver needs to stay on the road and keep going strong. Also need to keep an eye on coolant temperatures and be proactive about cooling system repairs at risk of premature head gasket failure. What starts as a wisp of white smoke on start-up can slowly progress into a larger issue. Installed inline with the MAP sensor, the BD-Power Boost Builder intercepts the message to the ECM, preventing it from setting an overboost trouble code that can cost between 50-80 Of the first five generations of the Duramax (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM and LML), the LB7/LLY rod is the second lightest ever used. It was under powered, noisy, and there were a lot of problems with the engines design. Replacing the outgoing LML engine, the 2017 L5P incorporates a long list of advancements produced exclusively for General Motors' full-size heavy-duty (HD) Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks. needless to say Chevy Duramax Diesel Lb7 is durable & secure. 4 quarts Automatic Transmission, Total Fill 4 speed 4L80-E. Before you go looking for a brand-new 2002 Chevrolet 6. 9L & 6. Re-route breather hose from turbo intake to catch can along side bottom of engine. 5-05 LLY is a 2 06 LLY is a 2 (uses same mods as LBZ) 06-07 LBZ is a D 07 LMM is a 6 (new body style GMT 900 series) 11-14 LML is a 8; Example: 1GCHK29143Exxxxxx for LB7 and 1GCHK2924 5 Exxxxx for LLY. The ECM did not control the fuel injectors directly, although it pulsed a specific injector output for each injector that was hardwired to the fuel injection control module. An injector issue can also manifest itself in the truck “making oil”, meaning the oil level raises over the life of the oil. However, just like the LB7, the rods are on borrowed time at any point beyond 600rwhp. Wagler LB7 – LMM Duramax Pinned Oil Pump $ 425. This circuit modifies the MAF signal to the computer on the LLY engines (Not LB7, Not LBZ, Not LMM) to expected levels when the EGR is blocked off, modified or a big free flowing exhaust system I got a 2ws with Kurt's 7cz file and a nozzle vane stg 1 Borg Warner turbo. ARP Main Stud Kit #230-5401 (ARP Recommends 190 lb ft) 225 lb ft. 00 $ 45. Non Duramax Discussion. DEFINITION: During normal operation the crankcase gases can be seen exiting from the hose at the oil separator. 49-State LB7 turbo available Chevy/GMC Duramax - 2001-2004 GM 6. The mechanical injector of the 6. ARP 12mm Head Studs #230-4201 125 lb ft. DieselPlace. The infamous Duramax oil leak that looks like a rear main is actually coming from the PCV system. The horsepower on a Duramax is 300. noticeable. It has ran on a program that has made 400 hp on a dyno, for over 17k miles. 6L Duramax Fuel Injector Wiring Harness Sale! $ 104. If you have less than 100,000 miles on your vehicle and use DuraMAX motor oil, you can register for DuraMAX’s free engine warranty program. Classifieds Area Get a more complete oil change and increase the oil capacity in your 2001-2010 GM 2500HD/3500HD 6. 2001-2004 Chevrolet 6. WILLIAMS October 31, 2015 at 3:58 am. The first time I used the truck to pull my 10,000lb fifth wheel camper ( after only going approximately 200 miles ) the truck leaked almost 2qts of oil, covering mainly the right side of the engine and under carriage. Not that long ago a 6. The Duramax Engine was released in late 2001 into the Chevrolet and GMC chassis vehicles. 8 quarts Automatic Transmission, 1000 Initial Fill. Photo 48/76 | 1402 Lb7 Engine Rebirth Oil Pump Bolt | Chris used two wrenches to tighten the oil pump bolt. Contact Info. 01-04 6. The turbocharger provides your diesel engine with additional horsepower plus better fuel efficiency. Really depends if your getting the "low oil pressure" message in the driver center, if not, dont worry about it, all pressure will drop when the engine is warm. Pressure sensor duramax 6 6 engine diagram In addition to bottom and top end lubrication engine oil is highly pressurized once its in the high pressure circuit. GM Duramax - 2001-2004 LB7 VIN Code 1 - Engine - Gaskets & Seals 2001-2016 GM/Duramax (when used as oil cooler seal) 2012-2016 GM/Duramax Oil cooler to Block seal The LB7 and the LLY Duramax engines used an intermediary module called the Fuel Injection Control Module or FICM to actuate the fuel injectors. How to Tell If Your Duramax Diesel Turbo Is Gone? by Richard Rowe Introduced in 2001 as a joint venture between GM and Isuzu, the Duramax V-8 was the General's bid to one-up Ford and Chrysler's newest generation of powerful and efficient diesels. Kennedy Diesel is your source for Duramax performance. This is the only oil filter that should be on your Duramax! This unit will fit all year Duramax Diesel 6. 5-L Detroit built engine which was a big jump forward in technology. When this happens a drop in oil pressure is also noticed. 6L Duramax LB7, LLY, & LBZ (0) Reviews: Write first review. Chevy / GMC Duramax 01-04. 5-16 6. 6L LLY Duramax; 06-07 6. com CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. 5, 2005). Intercooler pipe blew off my Duramax engine. SKU: BHGJ601-2114. The Crankshaft Seal Installer for 6. 11-16 LML Duramax 01-02 LB7 Duramax Oil Pressure Gauge Sensor Fitting Seal (0 Bent rods will cause white smoke and raw fuel blowing out of the exhaust. At 1,155 grams apiece, only the rods used in the LML (’11-‘16) were lighter. The 8th number on the VIN number will identify the engine type. 6L Duramax LB7 Mishimoto is proud to offer a full line of performance cooling parts for your Chevy Duramax. If you own an LB7 Duramax you may have already replaced one set of injectors, or at least heard about how crappy their injectors are. Product Description. 6L Chevy/GMC LB7 Duramax Diesel 904-116 Turbo Oil Supply Line For 01-04 6. 6L L5P Duramax; Powerstroke. We also carry filters, shocks, floor mats, and other useful service parts Chevy - 01-04 LB7 Duramax - Engine - Engine Gaskets and Seals Duramax. One goes in the Allen hole and 222,000 tensile strength 01-10 lb7/lly/lbz/lmm Duramax head studs. 5 LB7 6. The satisfactory book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research, as competently as various new sorts of books are readily comprehensible here. The LB7 Duramax Engine was replacing the old 6. The CAT 1R-1807 filter does not have this valve as it is a true flow filter. 46-71061B GM Duramax - 2001-2004 LB7 VIN Code 1 - Engine - Bolts-Studs-Fasteners. This can choke the flow of coolant and lead to plenty of other problems like failed EGR coolers, Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7) Discuss the first generation (2001-2004 LB7) of the 6. 7L Dodge/Cummins Applications 2001-2017 ATS 2029504248 - 2001-2004 Duramax - The Aurora 5000 turbo system is designed for street performance, racing, daily driving and supporting up to 850HP FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $100 Register Cart is empty. 01-04 Duramax 6. Chevrolet 2500hd: I have an LB7 03 duramax diesel ,it's blowing…. gif[/img] LB7 Engine - LB7 Duramax Engine Parts & Upgrades PPE High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan - Duramax 2001-2010. Talking with others in the campground, I learned that this is a fairly common failure, across brands of trucks. My 2001 Duramax is blowing oil. Pro Series Rear Differential Cover Black w/ Machined Fins & Gear Oil. 6L LB7. 0L Powerstroke; 08-10 6. 2001 also introduced the Allison 1000, arguably the first automatic transmission in its class worthy of being mated to a powerful diesel. ARP Main Stud Kit #230-5401 Cross Bolts 90 lb ft. Why is synthetic oil thinner? Viscosity is viscosity, doesnt matter if its horse doo doo or oil. Unfortunately the LB7 is somewhat remembered by its fuel injector failures and overheating. I have a 01 Duramax, it started to leak oil out of the PVC and the exhaust. 01 - 04 LB7 Engine, with filter. LB7 Duramax Review. Exhaust has been smoking at idle. This valve sits at the bottom of filter casing. 6L Duramax Diesel Engines (Years: 2004. Single LB7 injector available here. Booker T. We’ve pretty much listed off all the performance specs for all 6. Problem: This is a blow-by issue caused by: Fuel, air, and moisture forced past the rings into the crankcase. ,puzzled. 6L engines, including engine codes LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM. Increase flow capacity to eliminate engine seal damage by reducing internal engine pressure. The extra oil and the fuel filter add cost to the equation. This EGR Override Circuit "Finger Stick" is For the GM 2500/3500 LLY 6. Use Stiction Eliminator and Diesel Extreme to free up both sides of piston rings. There are five types of Duramax engines: LB7, LLY, 2006 LLY, LBZ, and LMM. 6 Duramax Common Issues, Problems, and Fixes GMC and Chevy Duramax LB7 6. Truck came into shop and he said it was smoking, it turned out to be a bad turbo blowing oil into the exhaustwell the whole exhaust was filled with oil so after I put the new turbo on I had to LB7 Blowby. Head Gaskets – As these truck reach the 100,000-150,000 miles we are seeing more and more head gasket issues. View cart. The maximum crankcase pressure is 4 kPa or 16 in of water at 3,100 RPM measured at the oil level indicator tube. Based on the block used with 2010-2017 LML- and LGH code production engines, the new block P/N 12651877 is compatible with all first-generation Duramax 6. Why is oil coming out of my exhaust on my 6. Welcome to the Internet's first Duramax 6600 diesel discussion forum for the LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, LGH & L5P RPO code engines. Buy Diesel Care Baldwin Duramax 2001-2005 LB7 LLY filter pack ,Oil , Air, Fuel … at Walmart. We are the professionals! Largest Selection If you don't find the part, we'll get it for you! Beginning production in July 2000 with the 6. The guy across from me has a Ford F350 The last question we get a lot about Duramax Diesel head gasket replacement is whether to use stock head bolts or ARP head studs. Genuine GM AC Delco Oil Filter. By the time the LBZ came along, the LB7’s injector issues had long been solved and the overheating issues associated with the LLY were a thing of the past. Miraculously, the engine has had incredible staying power in an ever-changing arena of ideas regarding emissions, efficiency, and power numbers. $1,696. GM was the first of the manufacturers to make this jump and gave GM an added advantage in the diesel truck market. Please Select New OEM or Reman in Options. Eliminates engine oil from contaminating turbo, intercooler and intake system. That is a LB7 motor and to replace the injectors is a big job as the heads need to be pulled. Possible causes…. I have a ticking noise in my new 2007 duramax. 06-07 LBZ 6. When the filter cannot flow enough oil through it, the value opens up and sends dirty, unfiltered, liquid sandpaper through your engine. The LB7 creates 300 bhp @ 3100 RPM and 520 lb ft torque @ 1800 RPM. LB7 powered (through 2004 Duramax) Chevys and GMCs all suffer from injector failure at some point in their service life. com Forums LB7 Aftermarket Fastener Torque Specs. The idling you do on today's auto burns priceless gas and also leaves fuel deposit on the cyndrical tube wall surfaces that stay with it since the cyndrical tubes typically aren't relocating as fast as they typically do. The LBZ is 650 and the LMM is 660. THE TRUCK STARTED USING LOTS OF FUEL, AT AN IDLE IT SERGED BETWEEN 700 & 900 RPM'S, AND OIL STARTED BLOWING OUT THE BLOWBY TUBE. 6L Duramax Fuel Injector Sale! $ 195. 6 LB7 diesel pickup or are looking to buy one, here are some common issues and problems we have run into in our shop. The LM2: All New 3. 6L LB7 Duramax V-8 diesel engine, the current L5P 6. The most frequent customer complaint centered around overheating and blown head gaskets. 6l Duramax piston upgrade involved taking stock pistons and cutting the bowl lip back to reduce the chance of cracking. 99. 9L Cummins Diesel Fleetguard Fuel Cartridge FS19855 $14. 95 PRODUCT CODE: 2282; Related products. 8 quarts Automatic Transmission, 4L80-E Initial Fill. You will receive 10 years or 300,000 miles of guaranteed engine life and a free $5 service certificate to be used on your next oil change! The DuraMAX® Liquid Armor Engine Warranty covers more FICM/IDM for 2004. 6L Duramax Diesel OEM Replacment Fuel Filter FS20002 $43. Engine oil Pump for Duramax 6. Welcome to the "Diesel Forum!" Diesel Truck Forum and Owners Club! This forum is dedicated to Diesel Trucks and their owners! Blog » Chevy Duramax Diesel Parts » Best place to buy Turbos for 2003 Chevy 6. If you own an LB7 Duramax Review you may have already replaced one set of injectors, or at least heard about how crappy their injectors are. 00 PRODUCT CODE: 2256; 01-04. The LB7 Duramax Engine utilized the new Bosch Common Rail Fuel system. These were caused by fuel injector failure, allowing fuel to penetrate the crankcase and compromise the engine's oil. The torque on a Duramax LB7 is 520 pound-foot. when i took it in to get the oil Duramax History, Lesson 3: LBZ. 65. There is only 25,000 miles on the truck. 7L Powerstroke; Shop By Part Type 01-04. 4L Powerstroke; 11-16 6. 00 PRODUCT CODE: 2066; 01-04 LB7 6. Any air escaping from the area on the oil cooler where the oil filter screws on is indication of it leaking internally. Right DIY - Duramax Marinisation - Page 4 - Offshoreonly. Walk in by appointment only Duramax. Bosch had already been building these systems for Mercedes Benz, so we benefited from proven technology. The breather pipe comes out of the alternator bracket at a higher point and then goes down and is open to the air at the right front of the engine. Many fail as early as 50k miles. We've all been there. this is a duramax diesel i should have read it closer diesels make a knocking sound its normal but i am truly not an expert on diesel engines and do not wan;t to spectulate they run on comprettion but there fuel system are totaly different then gasoline engines i know they burn cleaner but black smoke is never good from any engine im sorry i wasted your time and hope you get the informatoin I have a 01 Duramax, it started to leak oil out of the PVC and the exhaust. LB7 6. 2 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty (does not include S&S 45% over injectors) 50% off the $1200 Core Charge! *If SAC00 injector option is purchased, there is an approx. This engine’s beefier block casting, stronger connecting rods, higher pressure common-rail fuel system and updated ECM arguably made it the most powerful The BD-Power 1515940 Turbo Boost Builder for your 2001-2004 GM 6. Engines over 800hp we recommend ARP 230-4202 Custom Age studs. Duramax. If you're looking to get more power and torque out of your 6. We are the professionals! Largest Selection If you don't find the part, we'll get it for you! The Duramax was jointly developed by GM and Isuzu in the early 2000s to get away from the Detroit Diesel days of yore. To recap: The LB7 engine had 300 horsepower and an impressive 520 lb-ft of torque by the end of its production life. 7L Powerstroke; 17-UP 6. Dorman 904-117 GM 97239132. 04. The current LML engine has an insane 397 horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque. Gm Diesel Non-Truck Section Pre Duramax Discussion. It is important to know this as while the engines are essentially the same at the core, the electronics, turbochargers, electronics, and injectors are different among the variants. 6L Block LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM. The factory Y-bridge is a poorly designed slip-in style two piece bridge with very little support that is prone to blowing apart under boost and creating poor drivability and performance. duramax lb7 blowing oil

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